Cookie Dough



Any Vie de France Cookie Dough


1) Bake Vie de France pre-portioned cookie dough** as directed on box. (Option: For unique biscotti, you can press two cookie pucks of DIFFERENT flavors together.)

2) Cool cookies completely.

3) Cut the cookie in half and then trim the edges depending on how wide you want your biscotti. Each cookie will create two biscotti. See diagram:

4) Flip the biscotti on their sides and bake cookies for a SECOND time for 15 min. at 200°F. Flip biscotti again and bake an additional 15 min. at 200°F. (If using more than one cookie puck, keep the temperature the same and increase time slightly depending on the size.)

5) Cool baked biscotti at room temperature.

6) Once biscotti are completely cooled, garnish as desired. Suggestions: Dip them in chocolate (either one side or one end) and while the chocolate is still wet you can add sliced almonds, toasted coconut or other toppings. After chocolate has set, powdered sugar, fondant icing, caramel, or other decorations may be applied. Chocolate drizzle also adds a nice touch.

**You can use day-old cookies for this recipe, too. Simply begin at step three and continue to the last step.