Butter Croissants with OREO® Cookie Crumbs


New Croissant recipe with Oreo and topped with Chocolate and Cream icing!

12 #9326 Gourmet Butter Croissants, Large Curved

# 37768 1/25 lb. COOKIE CRUMBS Oreo SM CRNCH

Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips, melted

Cream Icing; 4 cups Confectioners’ Sugar mixed with ½ cup hot cream

Egg Wash


  • Remove Croissant from freezer, and thaw overnight under refrigeration.
  • Once thawed and before proofing, gently unroll the croissant and sprinkle with crushed Oreo.
  • Reroll the Croissant and pinch ends together to make a curved croissant or leave straight.
  • Place on greased parchment-lined sheet pan and proof until doubled in size.
  • Brush with egg wash and bake in preheated convection oven 325° for 18-25 minutes until golden brown.
  • When cool, ice with melted chocolate and Cream icing (4 cups Confectioners’ Sugar mixed with ½ cup heated cream).

Serve warm with Ice Cream or enjoy as sweet pastry with morning coffee.

Recipe credit: Chef Deborah Johnson

Bon appétit from Vie de France!