Sales Rep Locator

All Vie de France Sales reps can be reached at 800-446-4404, followed by the extension listed next to their name.



Cindy Panaro, Zone Manager East – x 510

Broker List

Fresh Food Sales & Marketing (508) 982-8583 New England (Retail Only)



Broker List

Affinity Group ISG Baltimore/Washington (443) 577-1200 Maryland, DC, Delaware, Northern VA
Affinity Group ISG Virginia/West Virginia (757) 802-9000 Virginia, West Virginia
Affinity Group Central (Michael’s) (616) 656-5100 IN, KY, MI, OH, Western PA



Broker List

Affinity Group ISG Metro NY, Central PA, and Philadelphia (516) 616-0300 Greater NY Metro Area, Pennsylvania
Affinity Group ISG New England (978) 689-0006 New England
Affinity Group ISG New York (716) 675-2944 Upstate NY



Spencer Street, Regional Sales Manager – x 532

Broker List

Affinity Group Southeast (Paramount) (855) 764-9467 Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, N. Carolina, S. Carolina,

Tennessee, Mississippi



Tom Studenroth, Regional Sales Manager – x 535

Broker List

Affinity Group Southeast (Paramount) Florida (704) 439-2520 Florida
Main Course Foodsolutions (787) 449-0700 Puerto Rico




Tim Wright, Regional Sales Manager – x 521

Broker List

Affinity Group Mid-Central (Osage) Kansas City (800) 530-5696 Kansas
Affinity Group Southwest (Synergy) (972) 490-7000 New Mexico
Affinity Group West (Elite) Idaho (208) 331-0170 Idaho
Affinity Group West (Elite) Utah (801) 891-9268 Utah
Affinity Group West (Elite) Colorado (303) 395-2779 Colorado



Susan Kayden, Regional Sales Manager – x 522

Broker List

Affinity Group West (Elite) Nevada (702) 277-7304 Nevada (excluding Reno)
Affinity Group West (Elite) Northern CA (916) 285-6546 Northern CA, Reno NV
Affinity Group West (Elite) Southern California (714) 256-8400 Southern California
Affinity Group West (Elite) Northwest (425) 226-7217 Oregon, Washington, Alaska
Horizon Sales Corp. (714) 979-4844 California, Nevada, Arizona (Retail Only)
Affinity Group West (Elite) Arizona (602) 395-9525 Arizona
Affinity Group West (Elite) Hawaii (808)833-9023 Hawaii



Bob Pim – 716-601-9436

Broker List

Affinity Group Midwest (Food Marketing) Chicago (630) 833-3000 Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska

Montana, Wyoming

Affinity Group Mid-Central (Osage) Kansas City (800) 530-5696 Missouri
Affinity Group Mid-Central (Osage) St. Louis (800) 530-5696 St. Louis



Steve Posin, VP of Marketing and Sales – x 167

Broker List

Affinity Group Southwest (Synergy) (972) 490-7000 Texas, Oklahoma
Affinity Group Southeast (Paramount) Little Rock (855) 764-9467 Arkansas
Affinity Group Southeast (Paramount) Louisiana (855) 764-9467 Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast